Voom Iris Mini 600 puffs 2,0 ml TPD

Nicotine content: 20 mg/ml (2%)

TPD 26.6.2021 (the date of registration in national EU-CEG databases = retail sales to consumers is legal after 6 months standstill period has elapsed – on 26.12.2021*): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Finland, France, Croatia, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom.
* – TPD DATA is provided by the manufacturer and is recommended to be validated and the legality of retail sales of the product to be checked from the national EU-CEG check-points prior to import and launch of sales in the country.

Peach Ice (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00016)
Grape Ice (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00013)
Blueberry (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00011)
Passion Grapefruit (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00015)
Energy (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00012)
Mix Berry (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00014)
Mint (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00006)
Orange Ice (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00007)
Pineapple Lemon (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00008)
Watermelon Ice (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00010)
Mango Ice (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00005)
Apple Ice (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00003)
Banana Ice (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00004)
Strawberry Banana (TPD 26.6.2021 EC-ID 02769-21-00009)

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